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Despite going through a time lapse and nearly missing this presentation all together (totally blaming my fashion week fried egg brain), I luckily arrived in time to see all the beautiful new pieces Zana and Thomas had slugged to London. It was pretty awesome to be able to try everything on and have a tutorial from the harness goddess herself! New favourite is the white harness that doubles up as a back spine/front spine/belt/you name it; it’s pretty awesome being able to clip it up in different ways and wear it how you love it most. There was also a face harness that Zana custom made for Love magazine, as well as a new moulded leather rose headband; which is pretty striking and quite unlike anything else she’s done before. I’m pretty in love with that canary bra harness too, could anything be more awesome!? 

One thing is clear my leather collection is going to be doubling pretty soon.

It was so nice being able to finally meet and hang out with one of my favourite blogging ladies, I guess I’ll have to go and invade new York turf soon.

 You can see more of Thomas Blaak’s bags here, and Zana Bayne’s harnesses if you don’t already know, here.

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  1. These are incredible Charlie! So soo you. So missed being at LFW this year and seeing your face. Maybe next season eh? Loved seeing various bloggers wear your designs and getting papped in them, this is SO your year :)

  2. good to see u working together! i love u both.. love the pvc belts

  3. i really need more zana bayne in my life!

  4. that white harness you’re wearing… so sexy.

  5. Jeesus harness much – spent a drunken Wednesday this weekend feeling up a harness in an Old Compton St sex shop. May go back and get it…

  6. OMG those are badasss!!! I want! xx
    The Niknok Style

  7. ohh those harness are just maazinnggg x

  8. These are crazy! – They look like lots of fun.


  9. HOLY CRAP CHARLIE! This is in-SANE! That skull piece is out of this world and all the other pieces look incredible too. Hot dam. I’ve never seen any of her pieces in real life before… have always admired them on your blog though. Geeze, this is seriously just taking it to the next level. xx

  10. wow those are such an amazing pieces!

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