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When you work all day every day with your hands it’s impossible to keep a good manicure up. I’m a bit of a biter, unless I have a coat of nail varnish on I won’t have any nails to contend with at all; so, a few days ago mid moan about the state of disrepair my nails had fallen into, Taylor Taylor said I should come along with Jen and try out their luxury manicure. As soon as we entered the salon/haven on Commercial Street, we were offered up a comfy chair and a cocktail menu (I kid you not, you can order any cocktail off the menu, any amount of times for free with your treatment). I sat downstairs whilst Jen had her cut and colour, and felt a million miles away from London and my busy studio. 

This was seriously a luxury experience that I hadn’t felt before and my nails have never looked so good! The luxury manicure includes the full pampering treatment with exfoliation and massage, followed by a hand mask, cleanse and shape. I think I need to start looking after myself a bit more and I’ll know the place to head to next time I’m in need.

I’m wearing a dark red wine varnish with Maria Nilsdotter rings.

Thank you so much Taylor Taylor for giving me a refresh in time for fashion week!

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  1. that place is really posh. loves it…

  2. I’m in need of a mani!!

    Love from Seoul,


  3. oh girl, how stunning are those pictures! they remind me of the Marie Antoinette movie by S. Coppola! love it, i always love over the top opulence! gorgeous nails too,

  4. your nails look great! i do need one.

    i’ll use them too then

    xo katrina

  5. HAHA Love that photo of Jen!!

  6. love your nails! your blog is wonderful :)


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