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I’d been meaning to do this Yellow Door press day/Acne post for a while, but after getting my new camera I stashed my old one out of sight and only just found it, it’s memory card full with last seasons press days. It must be my senile old blogger age, but I thought better late than never; plus everything you see here is available to buy now! Which is always a plus.

The leather jackets and shoes from Acne are always my favourite and this season, I fell in love particularly with the white leather pieces and the platform shoes, I’m in love with Ivania’s suede pair more than the blue silk, and even more with these mid calf boots. I found one style to be a bit of a Simone Rocha rip off (the high heeled brogue) but other than that thumbs up all round.

 I warn you there may be more of these belated press days to come (sorry!) but I do quite like seeing the garments and accessories without a body to cloud your judgement; pure design appreciation is what I’m after.

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  1. Wow the white leather gilet is gorgeous, as is the star print top! Great photos :)

  2. Another Acne season in which I want everything. The sleeveless leather would be top of my list I think. I photographed Ivania in her suede shoes, she looks fantastic. Hope you’re recovering now from lfw! x

  3. I am in love with the black suede shoes too, so beautiful. Can I ask what camera you use? your images are lovely.

  4. I really want every single piece. xx


  5. I love acne, I know the brand for about 6 years now! My first piece was a pair of skinny jeans, but unfortunately it is not the best fit in the world, too tight (or maybe I am too old)! So now I am very careful with Acne, but the thing is, they always amaze me with fresh cuts and colors! And if I am looking for a certain piece to complete my look, Acne will be the answer! Plus they are not too expensive! BTW I think this is the perfect time to show us your Acne post, it is the beginning of a new season.

  6. ohhh i love acne soo much <3

  7. would you be creeped out if i said ‘acne on toast’ again ;)

  8. stevie-rose: Thanks! For these images I used a Canon 450D but now I’m using the Canon 50D which I’m getting on really well with. All my images go through post production as well.

  9. i’m really in love with acne

  10. great things and i just love acne!



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  12. That is such a great dressing:X:X:X

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