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MAN: Katy Eary

I wasn’t originally going to post these pictures as they’re not perfect; the light was way too bright and my camera kept focusing on the heads in front. BUT after getting such great feedback on the last ones I thought there’s something quite special about those out of the ordinary moments you capture. The big colourful fur rounding the corner is my favourite! (Photo 7) Some of these dodgy pictures are really quite special, wouldn’t you agree?
Katy Eary was absolutely amazing. She was the highlight of fashion week, and what a turn out there was. Her pieces were like little gold skeletal soldier boys meets anatomical phantoms of the opera!
I’m glad she was the last show I saw at London, finished on an amazing high.


Some other photos from fashion week…
Man in amazing DIY coat
Models Ash and Cole outside the Jeremy Scott show

The Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte shoes in person! I cannot even describe how beautiful these are in real life, true works of art!
A cute little photo of Piers Atkinson to finish!

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  1. meow, oh wow, the photos are actulary amazing, defently something special magically happened… :D

    Oooh and i really love the picture of the models you took outside the jeremy scott show.


    nad xx

  2. Wow, great pics! Those shoes look pretty special…
    Piers Atkinson is one of my lecturers at uni! He’s hilarious.
    Feel free to check out my blog & enter my competition for a chance to win a very cute Liberty bag! xx

  3. im so jealous that you sat at a show. and the pictures look great- who cares about the light?! you were there!
    and that fur.. amazing

  4. Ah haha, you are so right! :D

  5. The first collection is pretty macabre but cool nonetheless.


  6. That hair! Amazing.

  7. jealous that you were so close! Those shoes and that animal print hair are amazing xx

  8. wow!!! great pics!!!

  9. Katy Eary’s collection was one of the most exciting I’ve seen all season. Thanks for posting these photos!

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