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The best picks of S/S10 Shoes

Yves Saint Laurent

Jean Paul Gaultier
Alexander McQueen

Jil Sander

Proenza Schouler

Rick Owens
There has been so many amazing shoes this summer (and some not so amazing) but these were all amazing! My all time favourites were Givenchy… and Alexander McQueen… and Rodarte!
Arghhh I love them all! The Jil Sander beetle green shoes with the incredible heels took my breath away also! They remind me of the James Long show, the colour is incredible. My new favourite colour maybe!

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  1. Those alexander McQueen Shoes are totally crazy!! I can’t get my head round them!?
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxx

  2. The rodarte shoes look like stunning henna tattoo’s, and the mcqueen creations are so fantasy fabulous. words cant describe the art alexander unleashes! x


  3. AHHHHHHHH SPEACHLESS. like nooooooooo! the shoes just scraped and scratched my heart to peices and then split me in half.

    They are BEYOND AMAZING!! i gasped quite a few million times. I think i might be dead.

    …and i went to visit Middlesex uni, it seems like a great place. it was exciting.

  4. That Alexander McQueen one are crazy! Love them all though!
    Awesome post

  5. Some really really amazing shoes there!

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