Ebay finds

You know I have an essay to do when I spend too much time rifling on ebay and then making a post about it on here, telling myself that it is in some way work haha!

1. Phillip Lim Dress £130
2. Lanvin necklace £53.70
3. Vintage leather wolf belt £38.26
4. Balenciaga black silk dress £245
5. Tata Naka Handmade platform boots £184 (worth over £1k!)
6. Vintage Thierry Mugler skirt suit £76.86

Everything apart from the Philip Lim and the Thierry Mugler are still on ebay.
I really bid my ass off for the Thierry, sigh, and the Philip Lim was snatched from me on buy it now
I love eBay, you can find so many yummy things and, of course waste far too much time on there.
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