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Ebay finds

You know I have an essay to do when I spend too much time rifling on ebay and then making a post about it on here, telling myself that it is in some way work haha!

1. Phillip Lim Dress £130
2. Lanvin necklace £53.70
3. Vintage leather wolf belt £38.26
4. Balenciaga black silk dress £245
5. Tata Naka Handmade platform boots £184 (worth over £1k!)
6. Vintage Thierry Mugler skirt suit £76.86

Everything apart from the Philip Lim and the Thierry Mugler are still on ebay.
I really bid my ass off for the Thierry, sigh, and the Philip Lim was snatched from me on buy it now
I love eBay, you can find so many yummy things and, of course waste far too much time on there.

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  1. I never have the patience to find good stuff on ebay! You however, look pretty professional!
    with love,
    rachel lynne

  2. Great finds! that wolf belt is crazy cool


  3. Wolf belt ended up going for £119! Yikes!

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