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Perfect Winter Boots

Spent the last few house on net-a-porter searching for the perfect pair of boots for this winter; something comfy, preferably with heel. Have you found yours?

The Sergio Rossi ones are my favourite I think, although I’m sacrificing a heel, I did find a pair similar on ASOS.COM for only £190.
Cabot Circus opens in Bristol soon, so maybe i’ll find my perfect boots there, I was suprised to see there was an article about it’s opening in this months Vogue! The hype has definately started.
Sorry I’ve been bad at posting recently, I’m visiting family. University starts in a couple of weeks and i’m sure i’ll be posting more as the procrastinating starts!

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  1. those boots are fierce !! lovin it

  2. I actually want to wear all of these! Love the Chloe pair!

  3. I’m dying for a nice pair of flat boots!

  4. Lovely winter boots, Although if the weather carries on like it is, we’ll need some terry de havilland shoes, to go to all the majorly late summer partys!

  5. I love the chloe ones! But I don’t really get the Mccartney ones, not to my taste.


  6. Really, These are prefect winter boots!!

  7. Would you agree that the Velvet Angel ‘ASSASIN’ are reminiscent of the Sergio Rossi boots?? I really want them but not sure if the black is too harsh :hmm:


    p.s no, I am not late on the winter boots run, I have been happily wearing out my vintage Bally and Russel & Bromley boots amongst many others but none of them are flush fitting width wise…

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