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The Credit Crunch Issue

Fashion has definitely taken a turn for the better, with this credit crunch looming and our wallets tightening, we are being much more creative with our money, it doesn’t necessarily mean we are spending less, we just have our eyes on something more sustainable. This winter it’s all about key pieces, buying quality items that will last. Its certainly made me see sense, I’m very good at wasting my money away, thinking that because it’s cheaper I can buy more of it. I love buying second hand items on ebay but not being able to try it on usually means that it’s not as great as I thought it would be, and buying online always makes it seem like you are spending less somehow, with this invisible money. This winter i’m going to change the error of my ways and save up for something truly beautiful.

I am thinking Triple Lace Ann Demeulemeester Boots

A sexy winter jacket like this one from Stella McCartney, or that super snug Zac Posen cape/jacket that I posted previously.

Temperley London
Some cute tops to match my new leather trousers – although i’ll be careful not to go overboard, leather trousers are quite a statement in themselves

I also want a cute white shirt, possibly lacey, and some high waisted suit trousers.
I love this Proenza Schouler outfit, a perfect example of what i’m looking for.
A friend of mine recently bought a pair of mens suit trousers from a second hand shop and with a bit of mild altering they looked fantastic.

I am on a budget but I hope that in saving up, I will at least be able to get some of these outfits out of my dreams and into reality.

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  1. Why is the text in some strange code?
    I really like the boots. All these looks are cool though!

  2. Oh no! What text is in strange code? I cant see anything

  3. I love the white lacey dress! It’s so gorgeous.


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