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Look what I found! I have been obsessing over these boots for as long as I can remember. I was even drooling over Sandra’s the day before my trip! They were at the first stock sale I ever went to and were still totally unaffordable, I thought they were long gone until yesterday, at Ann D in Antwerp. Just so so perfect, the perfect winter boot. I’m looking forward to the cold now. More photos of the look and Antwerp to come..

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  1. oh, you’re so damn lucky. they are fantastic!

  2. Did you go to RA? I’m dying to go to Antwerp just to visit that amazing shop (amazing from what I’ve heard!).

  3. Yes I did go to RA! It was incredible, I bought a coat which i’ll be posting about very soon :)

  4. They are soooo fantastic! I love it! =)

    love, pi*

  5. WOW, Charlie! Now I know what all the fuss over Antwerp was about. Those are damn amazing boots. Can’t wait to see more photos!

  6. sooo jealous!

  7. How awesome!!! Perfect pair of boots!!

    Love from Seoul,


  8. Ann D. is my obsession!

  9. Oh wow those are amazing!! Love the triple lace : )


  10. wow… want those boots. seriously.


  11. Well, at least we get to go to Brussels together.


  12. They look great…

  13. GAHHH. This is still my dream boot. I wish there were miracles like this to be had in the States. No such luck.

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