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Last month I was invited to have breakfast with Thomas Lyte, in their new flagship store in Burlington Arcade, Mayfair. The place was alive by the time we got there, breakfast canapes were served as we peeped around the store. All the leather accessories are so beautiful, my favourites being the little leather envelope purses in various colours. The philosophy behind the brand is about keeping the art of craftsmanship alive; each piece is made in London and as Mark Henderson said “Our aim is to make heirlooms not landfill”. The most impressive pieces I saw there had to be the candle holders, jugs and thermoses made out of folded sterling silver. NOT bonded together but one sheet of silver folded precisely together, amazing. After Mark Henderson’s very funny talk on What makes England Great, we headed down to hang out on the large leather sofas, you instantly feel at ease at Thomas Lyte and we must have sat there talking until they got the hoovers out. 
How amazing is the shine ya shoes gov’na chair outside too?

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  1. oh love those pretty leather works.


  2. Love the look of the leather envelopes. One for me please! xx

  3. like the pictures honey bee! specially the leather loveee leather.

    xo lovee


  4. I love your blog, I’m following!

    Would love you to enter my CHANEL giveaway;



  5. How funny: I was there, too – probably more than a month ago, for a private tea (my good friend does their PR). I love the brand – haven’t done my post yet, saving it up. Actually.. I should check with her, see if it’s time to do mine!

    How’d you like YY, Charlie May? ; )

  6. Oooh loving the leather goods! I wonder what the price tag says because my mother would eat that stuff up if I gave it to her for her up-coming birthday…


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