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The first stop on the Modo Parcours fashion trail was to renowned hat maker Elvis Pompilio, on the Rue Lebeau. Everything from the eccentric to the completely wearable was on display; cat hats made of rabbit fur, little jumper hats that could be styled to look more or less like a jumper if so desired. My favourite was the spirograph hat seen on Elvis himself, so beautiful and intricate! I really enjoyed spending time in Elvis Pompilio’s store, he has an energy that rubs off on everyone around him; he wants you to play and try everything on. Speaking of which, do you like the upside-down lady hat I’m wearing?

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  1. i have an absolute weak spot for hats, i am such a hat lover! my favorite is christophe coppens but i know pompilio too, never visited the store! should do that! gorgeous pictures girl

  2. This is incredible Charlie and your photos are so stunning! Didn’t even realize the hat you had on was an upside down lady until you said! This place looks awesome! xx

  3. What a great find! Amazing hats, love the mini jumper hats and the upside down lady hat is so quirky!

  4. Ah, I adore that black cat hat. It’s wonderful. I think I’d probably wear it ever single day of my life.

    I also saw that lampshade on the internet a while ago, it’s absolutely incredible. Paiz xxx

  5. Your blog is such an inspiration for me. I also love your work as a fashion designer!


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