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 I wanted to blog about this film as soon as I’d seen it, the most beautiful and utterly terrifying film of the year. The sound track by Wagner grips you all the way through, right to the terrifying end until you are left with silence and emptiness. I had nightmares that night that this was my life and my slow realisation that I was going to die. I think the best films are the ones that get inside your head; I think it’s far more terrifying than any horror film, because this would be something that no one could change and something that could just happen.. Anyway, I urge everyone to go and see it because it’s so thought evoking and beautiful, I think you leave slightly changed.

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  1. OMG this looks so beautiful! And not just Alexander Skarsgard…

  2. Oh dear, I resonate with you! This was a brilliant film, the cinematography was a genius and yes, the soundtrack is haunting. I love it, I mean,.. the idea that you simply do not have any place to go when you know you will die, it’s just terrifying..

  3. Such a great movie. i loved the camera, eventhough i got a little sick because of it at the beginning of the film.
    buy yes – kirsten dunst plays it perfect.

  4. Ahh! I saw the preview for this film a couple of weeks ago and though, ‘I NEED TO SEEE THAT.’ I don’t think it has come out in Zurich though… hopefully by the time I get back. It’s been at the top of my must see. So glad to hear you enjoyed it. Can’t wait to go. xx

  5. You made me curious!

  6. Can´t wait for it to be released on DVD!


  7. I wish I had seen this in theaters, instead I found it online last week thanks to the encouragement of my dude. Totally hypnotic film, I’ve watched it twice now – certainly does a number on your state of mind.

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