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Wearing: Haider Ackermann waistcoat, Topshop shirt, Rachel Barret shorts, Ann Demeulemeester triple lace boots

Wearing some of my favourite Antwerp purchases; it was hard not to feel piratey with Alexxsia singing the Pirates of the Caribbean theme tune all the way through shooting… so here’s a dedication

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  1. OK that last picture is incredible, it needs to become your new FB profile pic!

  2. LOVE the boots, hun!

  3. superb!!!!

  4. love itttttttt!

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  6. A beautiful pirate, fo’ sho! x

  7. Gorgeous silhouettes x

  8. Oh I love the boots – and the rest of the look! Fitting with the weather and you look great :)


  9. LOVE the waistcoat! I’m giving away a ring on my blog!! :) http://missprissheather.blogspot.com/

  10. #Babe.

  11. I love that coat/scarf/jumper thing you are wearing, it is Very cool whatever it is! And your boots are also lovely.

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