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Wearing: Mango coat, Ann Demeulemeester jacket, Equipment shirt, Acne trousers, Givenchy boots, Dr Martens bag, MFP bracelet

So this is what I look like with a full face of make up; plastered and polished. I rarely wear anything more than on the eyes and would rather have thick brows than lipstick on; I don’t wear foundation or blusher. Prettyness isn’t that important to me.. So why am I wearing a full face of it here!? I’d just been on a shoot with More Magazine and had to be fully made up to make me look alive under the heavy studio lights. Aha! When I went to meet Michael for lunch afterwards around London Collections Men, he remarked that he could actually see my face from across the street! Haha back to normal today and much happier to be able to touch my face without fear. I finally managed to hit the sales on Tuesday too, but came out empty handed! They had some great Celine in Dover St Market but none of the shoes I’ve been hunting for. My bank balace is heaving a sigh of relief I think.

Photos by Michael

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  1. Charlie, you have make up on?! Your eyes are so pretty (better than Jen’s), you remind me of young Kate Winslet/Rachel Weitz.

    1. It’s just some serious eyelash curling, I’m not used to it! I feel like Barbie, haha!

  2. the coat and boots are just amazing!


  3. Those boots are beyond words!

  4. I never noticed you don’t wear make up before, apart from the shimmer on the eyes you don’t look any different which just goes to show you don’t need to wear makeup as you look gorgeous without it! I mostly just wear eye make up and lippy buts that’s more to do with being lazy than anything else lol
    Fab boots too <3

    1. Thanks Pearl, you’re right I think the only difference is my slightly darker skin tone and curled lashes. It feels so foreign to me! I don’t think it’s lazyness, we’ve just got better things to do than sit infront of the mirror for half an hour ;P

  5. I really admire your attitude to being “plastered and polished”, and completely share it; I find wearing makeup so uncomfortable! That said, I think that this is a really subtle, nice look on you – defining without being overpowering.

    Also your boots are giving me heart palpitations. Just delicious.

    1. Thanks Lizzy! If you’re not used to it it’s SO UNCOMFORTABLE. Not very natural feeling. I can understand the need for it when your under studio lighting etc, but for every day the subtler the better :)

  6. It was crazy how I spotted the difference in your face from across the street! But it does look good, just really different. Also, image set 3 down – total lookbook shot!

  7. angel face with evil boots haha

  8. so pretty, you’re lucky to have such natural beauty! not even going to comment the outfit, you nail it every time

    1. and by natural I meant your bone structure and eyes, never noticed you didn’t wear make up before; this is so not plastered, just gorgeous

  9. Amazing look, love your boots bag and coat so much x

  10. Love the coat and the boots. I definitely feel better without too much make up on but it makes all the difference with camera lights. You certainly couldn’t tell you have lots of make up on, the pictures look lovely and very natural.

  11. It’s mainly the eyes that give it away, goes to show that you’re just a natural beauty, look just as stunning without! I LOVE this look, the coats and boots *swoooon*

  12. ur face thoooooooooooooo <3

  13. i like these shoes!

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