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I think it must go without saying that being an iconic minimalist designer, Ann Sofie Back is one of my firm favourites; when I saw this tshirt hailing that Back is BACK FOR GOOD I felt the message should be spread far and wide. I loved her recent SS14 collection, with Calvin Klein 90s reminiscent boxers, with the name peering out from above the jeans. Something I’m ready to embrace when the weather starts warming up again in a few months! Right now it’s about layering up, with the best black coat and an unsuspecting rust sweater that I found in COS. 

Photos by Shini



More delving’s into pinstripe; sorry I’m not sorry, etc.. although waring the same coat twice is hardly a crime, but so much love, for so much pinstripe could be. I am not so secretly heavily crushing on the Stella plaid which I may well move onto next. You know when you have dreams about THAT coat that it’s time to do something about it. Not that a white cashmere heavily price tagged coat is making any sense right now, perhaps the knitwear could. Perhaps I love it more as it seems like the only print that has escaped being copied on the high street to deaths door and back. Watch this space I suppose. 

Photos by Shini


Wearing: T by Alexander Wang top, MMM X H&M leather trousers, Zara Sandals, Acne sunglasses, MFP bracelet.

Sometimes it hard not to be inspired by your own footwear choices; these minimal 90s vibe Zara sandals had me feeling like everything was either too fussy or too much, so eventually I gave in and kept it bare with this white top and leather trousers. Kind of perfect for hanging out in East London on a Sunday, with the flower market gang Matthew, Kit and Shini, following a killer brunch. Yummeh. 

Photos by Shini



Wearing: Alexander Wang dress, MMM X H&M leather trousers, Givenchy Boots, Helmut Lang cuff.

Despite living the last week in black jeans and a tshirt due to walking the dog or cutting out hides of leather on my hands and knees, it feels good to dress up in nice things at the weekend. I’ve been wearing my new boots at every available opportunity, their first outing being around my neighbourhood to buy a tin of beans from the corner shop. I’m not sure if Riccardo Tisci designed these boots with that job in mind but live in them, I shall.


Wearing: Stylein jumper, Charlie May SS13 silk shirt dress, Margiela trousers, Acne timber boots.

Ever since I had this shirt dress made in my size, I’ve been dreaming of layering it over trousers and boots and floating around on my days off. This jumper is perfect to show off the sheer back, although maybe the weather isn’t perfect for sheer quite yet! I’ll be finally setting up my e-commerce this month on my website so you can all get your hands on SS13! :)

Photos by Lexxi


Wearing: Ann Sofie Back coat, Ann Demeulemeester jacket and boots, Equipment shirt, Luv AJ necklace , MMM X H&M trousers, Acne beanie.

Living in this coat forever as it’s the warmest thing I own. I’ve been on a the lookout for another one for some time but I should make myself one, maybe the navy leather coat from AW12.

I’ll be Instagramming from the ArtRebels account today for their Tuesday takeover, so find me over there :)


Wearing: Ann Demeulemeester jacket, Monki shirt, T by Wang tank, MMM X H&M leather trousers, Margiela boots.

Most of my eBay trawling has to be under the name ‘Ann Demeulemeester’ (of course!), the sheer volume of pieces you can find internationally, and sold for a fraction of the price; even often cheaper than the equivalent you would buy new in Zara. My most recent find was this silk/linen mix blazer; I’ve been looking for a thicker, longer jacket for winter and this is perfect! I’ve also been dying to pair this shirt with some Ann D, as I wanted so many of the dip dye pieces from her last collection, but they’re always such a high price compared to the normal silk pieces. Maybe eBay will yield some of that soon too!

Photos by Lexxi


Wearing: Boyfriends shirt, Acne trousers, Margiela Tabi boots, Dr Martens tote, Dominic Jones rings and Miu Miu sunglasses.

The day after my show I felt totally elated, I couldn’t believe it was over and the incredible response SS13 was getting! It helped that the show was followed by dinner with friends and a couple of after parties courtesy of Vivienne Westwood and New York, New York; what an amazing night! After a meeting with Bengt the next day, I headed over to Albemarle St to meet Michael for a lobster lunch at Hix; together we pieced together the previous nights story (see drunk faces here) and any extras I’d missed from bundling myself in a cab relatively early. It was definitely a good idea to give fashion week a miss this season, trying to do it all earlier this year totally destroyed me, and I must have laid motionless on the sofa for at least a month to follow! Now I’m already back to work and preparing to go to Paris for more buyers meetings and then into production next month! So exciting and all relatively new.  

I’m loving wearing my boyfriends oversized shirts at the moment, he’s convinced I’m trying to steal his look as he lives in white shirts and black trousers, he doesn’t see any minimal-chic connotations to this. 

Pictures by Michael



Wearing: Alexander Wang shirt, Ann Demeulemeester skirt, Margiela tabi boots

I finally got my hands on some tabi boots! I was a little worried as Margiela only goes up to a 7/40 (WHY), but they actually fit well. They’re leather on the inside so I’m sure they’ll stretch out a little too. The white leather tabi’s are still on my list for dreamy-all-in-white-outfits, but I think these brown hessians will get a lot more wear. Perfect transitional Summer to Autumn boots! 


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