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    Wearing: Ann Sofie Back tee, COS coat and jumper, MMM X H&M leather trousers, Stella McCartney shoes, Givenchy Obsedia bag. I think it must go without saying that being an iconic minimalist designer, Ann Sofie Back is one of my firm favourites; when I saw this tshirt hailing that Back is BACK FOR GOOD I felt …

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    Wearing: Zara coat, Uniqlo shirt, MMM x H&M leather trousers, Stella McCartney shoes, Alexander Wang skeletal tote, MIRLO necklace More delving’s into pinstripe; sorry I’m not sorry, etc.. although waring the same coat twice is hardly a crime, but so much love, for so much pinstripe could be. I am not so secretly heavily crushing …

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    Wearing: T by Alexander Wang top, MMM X H&M leather trousers, Zara Sandals, Acne sunglasses, MFP bracelet. Sometimes it hard not to be inspired by your own footwear choices; these minimal 90s vibe Zara sandals had me feeling like everything was either too fussy or too much, so eventually I gave in and kept it bare …

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    Wearing: Alexander Wang dress, MMM X H&M leather trousers, Givenchy Boots, Helmut Lang cuff. Despite living the last week in black jeans and a tshirt due to walking the dog or cutting out hides of leather on my hands and knees, it feels good to dress up in nice things at the weekend. I’ve been wearing …

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    Wearing: Stylein jumper, Charlie May SS13 silk shirt dress, Margiela trousers, Acne timber boots. Ever since I had this shirt dress made in my size, I’ve been dreaming of layering it over trousers and boots and floating around on my days off. This jumper is perfect to show off the sheer back, although maybe the …

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    Wearing: Ann Sofie Back coat, Ann Demeulemeester jacket and boots, Equipment shirt, Luv AJ necklace , MMM X H&M trousers, Acne beanie. Living in this coat forever as it’s the warmest thing I own. I’ve been on a the lookout for another one for some time but I should make myself one, maybe the navy …

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    Wearing: Ann Demeulemeester jacket, Monki shirt, T by Wang tank, MMM X H&M leather trousers, Margiela boots. Most of my eBay trawling has to be under the name ‘Ann Demeulemeester’ (of course!), the sheer volume of pieces you can find internationally, and sold for a fraction of the price; even often cheaper than the equivalent …

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    Wearing: Boyfriends shirt, Acne trousers, Margiela Tabi boots, Dr Martens tote, Dominic Jones rings and Miu Miu sunglasses. The day after my show I felt totally elated, I couldn’t believe it was over and the incredible response SS13 was getting! It helped that the show was followed by dinner with friends and a couple of after …

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    Wearing: Alexander Wang shirt, Ann Demeulemeester skirt, Margiela tabi boots I finally got my hands on some tabi boots! I was a little worried as Margiela only goes up to a 7/40 (WHY), but they actually fit well. They’re leather on the inside so I’m sure they’ll stretch out a little too. The white leather …

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    1. Hermes rose gold ring 2. Margiela screw ring 3. Margiela hoop earing 4. unknown silver cuff 5. Jennifer Zeuner thin band ring 6. Margiela rose gold 4 finger rings 7. Margiela twist ring 8. Balenciaga twin bracelet 9. Unknown gold spine ring 10. Margiela brass ring Just a big Margiela love-fest, really.

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