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More delving’s into pinstripe; sorry I’m not sorry, etc.. although waring the same coat twice is hardly a crime, but so much love, for so much pinstripe could be. I am not so secretly heavily crushing on the Stella plaid which I may well move onto next. You know when you have dreams about THAT coat that it’s time to do something about it. Not that a white cashmere heavily price tagged coat is making any sense right now, perhaps the knitwear could. Perhaps I love it more as it seems like the only print that has escaped being copied on the high street to deaths door and back. Watch this space I suppose. 

Photos by Shini

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  1. those shoes really do look amazing !


  2. I love your coat!!! it’s really cool!!!


  3. Pinstripes are everywhere! On me too. :)

  4. Bluetiful :)

  5. I warned you this would happen. Next week: acid florals by House of Holland.

  6. Love the coat and shoes.

    R U I B R I

  7. I realy love this outfit , there are all the pieces that I love this season . I think if i just saw u in the street I’ll stay like that :O (laugh). PERFECT!!!!!!

    PS: soory for my poor english

    1. Haha I do random street stalking ALL the time ;D

  8. This outfit is so perfect! I love it xxx

  9. This is one of the favorite looks I’ve seen you in, Charlie! Beautifully captured be Shini, too. Black and blue is such an underestimated combination.
    Have you found some use of your rings?

  10. i love you and your shoes

  11. You have such an amazing style dear! :)http://www.bluechicberry.piligin.com

  12. I swear every one of your outfits should be in a magazine. And please don’t apologize for wearing so much pinstripe – you’re doing it so good! x

  13. Stunning!

  14. That’s Colebrook Row! I live opposite the church! … A fellow Angel resident :) nice blog, keep it up.

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