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Wearing: Alexander Wang shirt, Ann Demeulemeester skirt, Margiela tabi boots

I finally got my hands on some tabi boots! I was a little worried as Margiela only goes up to a 7/40 (WHY), but they actually fit well. They’re leather on the inside so I’m sure they’ll stretch out a little too. The white leather tabi’s are still on my list for dreamy-all-in-white-outfits, but I think these brown hessians will get a lot more wear. Perfect transitional Summer to Autumn boots! 

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  1. Me likey your new shooting ground, super pinteresting. Glad to hear they fit well! Well, probably not glad for your wallet but whutevz it’s Margiela.

    1. My new favourite adjective!

  2. Those boots are absolute perfection!

  3. I love these pictures, they look like summet out of a lookbook! loves the boots, i bought a pair of tanned boots the other day xx

  4. Love the backdrop with the overgrown weeds, beautiful for the all white ensemble. The Tabi’s are cute! I remember that you actually CAN wear socks, but they have to be thin ones that contours the toe cleavage haha. I like the brown ones at the moment, get the white ones for during winter, these ones are perfect transition heels like you said

  5. Woah Charlie, I’m loving your new background and even great for product shots (jealousz).

  6. Wow, those are great! I love the brown colour- they will be versatile. It works with white here, and I think black and this shade of brown looks good too.

  7. Great boots!
    And I loove that backdrop.



  8. those boots are perfect!! xx

  9. Cool boots! Looks great with this all white outfit.


  10. oh baby oh baby!!! There will be salvation for people who own a Tabi

  11. BAMBI FEET! Love it. That Wang top is so amazingly confusing. It hurts my drunken brain.

  12. They are amazing, can imagine that you are still lurking after some white ones!

  13. Terrific post, I like your blog, it is very beautiful and interesting!
    Hello from Russia.

  14. I love your shoes! The tabi made of plastic are amazing too

  15. Chicest outfit EVER!! You look gorgeous too <3

  16. ok, the wang shirt is insane. you look amazing.

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