Testing out the resilience of my legs by doubling up on the top half, and it actually worked out ok, although I do have a floor length coat on my side, which acts as a kind of force field to keep the cold out. Science. Brunching with Shini yesterday at our favourite spot in Dalston, if you haven’t checked out her post yet (which pretty much chronicles our best brunches of 2013) you should do it now, although beware the hunger pangs…¬†

Photos by Shini


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    the style crusader January 19, 2014

    Gorgeous! So funny, I went out with bare legs yesterday too. Love this outfit. Very Philo with that pulled up rollneck. xx

  2. Reply
    camilla January 19, 2014

    That turtleneck is such a lovely color, I tried testing the resilience of my legs but didn’t even make it out the front brave soul.

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

    • Reply
      Charlie January 20, 2014

      You need a floor length coat :)

  3. Reply
    Ananasa January 19, 2014

    Beautiful blog and ensemble, thanks so much for sharing! Home For Handmade

  4. Reply
    Dorothee January 19, 2014

    This coat is perfect !!!

  5. Reply
    carol January 19, 2014

    brunching with turtleneck is the best option ! :)

  6. Reply
    Duck January 19, 2014

    Loving the sultry, sexy, coy look you have in your face here. Perfectly matches the streetwalker/flasher look. Flash me sometime soon?

    • Reply
      Charlie January 20, 2014

      Only if you come to London. Flashing via snapchat might be haphazard.

      • Reply
        Duck January 20, 2014

        But in the long run less embarrassing? Am now having cameras embedded in my eye sockets to capture any impromptu flasher moments for posterity.

  7. Reply
    Martina January 19, 2014

    nice outfit, even if I feel too cold!

  8. Reply
    absolutely mrs k January 19, 2014

    ah I always want to hide behind my turtle neck too! anyway, been to Dalston but unfortunately it was pouring so we couldn’t discover as much as we wanted! but thanks for the tips, maybe next time

  9. Reply
    Q January 19, 2014

    bare leg and long coat!… perfect combo!

  10. Reply
    Viktoria January 19, 2014

    amazing look! love your coat!

  11. Reply
    4eyesval January 20, 2014

    love the turtleneck sweater! your whole look is cool.

  12. Reply
    Jack January 20, 2014

    need that bag!

  13. Reply January 20, 2014

    science!!! the science of dressing

  14. Reply
    Rachel January 21, 2014

    just found your blog and i have no idea where i’ve been all this time, must be under a rock! in love with your style :)

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  15. Reply
    Nicole January 21, 2014

    Amazing, as always!

    xx Nicole

  16. Reply
    Joy Division January 21, 2014

    lOVE YOUR STYLE! Dsicover us at

  17. Reply
    Lola January 22, 2014

    love your turtle neck! looks so perfect on you x

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