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Wearing: Stylein satin wrap dress, Philip Lim clutch, Camilla Skovgaard shoes, Backstage* rings and Helmut Lang half cuff bracelet.

I’m giving this blog an injection of some much needed TLC; I’ve been so busy with work etc that the last few blog posts have just been event after event and lacking the personal touch. A slap on the wrists and I promise to do better, starting with this outfit I wore out on Saturday night to see the ballet, for the first of Michael’s birthday celebrations. I hadn’t been since I was about 6 or 7 and it was magnificent to see the dancers/athletes perform across the stage. We went to see the English National Ballet ‘Beyond the Ballet Russes‘ which was many short stories in one (perfect for plenty of mini champagne breaks inbetween..) and with costumes originally designed by Coco Chanel. If you find yourself aimlessly roaming around London anytime soon, I would highly recommend it.

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  1. I love that this was one of my many birthday celebrations! Bring on Antwerp…

    P.S. I’m not even going to mention the alcoholic typo.

  2. WHOA! You look like an absolute dream Charlie. I love the shiny satin dress. This is so beautiful. Stylein REALLY suits you. Geeze… I really really love this dress. It is so effortlessly beautiful and classy and yet wearable and easy. Dying a little bit. That shot of you from the side is STUNNING. I love the silhouette with the tiny thin heels… BABE ALERT.

    p.s. Michael’s birthday celebrations sound wonderful! wish I could be there to join in with you guys! xx

    1. Shot from the side is definitely my favourite too!

      p.s. you totally need to get in one my celebrations, there’s still two weeks until my actual birthday! COME TO ANTWERP WITH US

  3. yes please, more personal touch! still in love with the clutch and i still regret it that i didn’t buy it! love the dress, it is so delicate but you are wearing it in a pretty bold way!

    1. If you got it it would be really ridiculous – I have it, Charlie has it, my best friend has it… At least mine’ black and theirs are navy

  4. a perfection in details…and you can pull off simplest of looks!


  5. You looook gorgeous and sophisticated! Love the Philip Lim wrap dress :P


  6. wooow you look so stunning.. very stylish outfit!!

  7. This looks like the perfect outfit for ballet, I love the purple clutch and that wraparound dress looks amaze! I’m a huge fan of the ballet but haven’t had time to go for ages, last went to watch wheeldon’s alice in wonderland which was so beautiful xo

  8. I love the simplicity and sophistication of this outfit – you look great!

    x Joana

  9. omg and i thought the pictures of steps comeback gig from the last night were maje’. this is MEGA maje’ xxx

  10. Hello Charlie, Would you post just an ordinary outfit that you wear when you are busy and can’t think much about the way you look someday? I think that you have an extraordinary style and very inspiring but I personally find it sometimes too uncomfortable for a daily look (I mean heels, smart shirts, long skirts… but dont take me wrong they are all brilliant!). I just wonder how you transfer your unique style for an ordinary day.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Hi Fran, Thank you for your comment! I can tell you that I do have an outfit coming up that I’ve been wearing running around London :)
      It’s hard to find the time to take outfit shots when you’re actually busy but I do mostly dress quite formally, I just pair the look with a pair of Dr Martens instead!
      I look forward to reading your comments again soon! xx

    2. Thank you so much for your reply :).I can’t wait for that post then!

      Kind Regards,

  11. you look amazing. about a month ago I visited my hair stylist, and they gave me a robe to wear while my hair was done. And I fell in love with the robe more than my hair, and was obsessed with getting it, but I didn’t know where. It looked very similar to your dress. Thanks for bringing the obsession back haha only difference now is that I know where to get it.

    1. Haha, you’re welcome! I think I have a love for simply stylish robes too :)

  12. Such a simple, classic all black look. I love the clutch for a added pop of colour. Lovely blog, one of my daily reads.


  13. You look amazing! Very chic!
    Each part of this outfit is simply a masterpiece!!!

  14. gorgeouss as always! I envy your Helmut Lang cuff, hopefully I can make it to Antwerp on Wednesday

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