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Wearing: Ann Sofie Back coat, Equipment shirt, Iris & Ink skirt, Céline shoes, Luv AJ necklace, Moxham taba cuff, Acne sunglasses.

Never would I have thought, back when I was hanging out at skate parks in my home town (a long time ago) would I be investing in a pair shoes that are essentially, Vans. I was always more or a Converse girl and then a Dr Martens girl, never a vans girl. Although I do remember having the huge trainers with the baggy low down ripped jeans -kind of glad that’s over, and yet I still find myself revisiting certain nineties/noughties subcultures.  

So, finally these shoes appear in a post. I’ve been wearing them so much, but I’ve sort of been enjoying them as my little secret. They’re so comfortable, the time is definitely right to be spending money on good long lasting flats. They’re also perfect for brightening up my black outfits, looking forward to wearing them with bare legs though. Also super happy with this leather mini skirt that I’ve been needing in my wardrobe forever. Slowly learning that investing in staples is way better than splurging on one time wears. Shame on me for taking that long to figure it out.

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  1. Mmm they are so shiny delicious. Investing in staples is clearly the way forward – but it’s the outrageous one-wear pieces which always seem like the most worth spending ££££ at the time. Like I never want to spend so much money on things I know I’m going to spill on, or scuff or whatever, because I’m using them so much. But I should. MORE SPENDING.

  2. I love your vans!

  3. I absolutely LOVE them, I think Zara have some of their own alternatives and of course there are always vans, only they look silly on my feet. You make them look amazing though, love that they’re so shiny! xx

  4. The shoes <3 <3 <3


  5. those shoes are so great! They look great with that outfit!!

  6. looooove the shoes!

  7. CÉLINE <3

  8. Want your shoes-so cool
    Lucia’s Loves

  9. the shoes! my love affair with iridescent clothes continues

  10. It’s so random but I’ve big time been craving a pair of old school Vans recently. Love your luxe version. Hotttt. xx

  11. i can’t find words to describe how much i love this outfit. aww, just too awesome ~!

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