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  1. lovely inspirations! xoxo

  2. Great inspiration post. That first photo with the hood is amazing

  3. really great inspiration, thanks for sharing! the first photo is brilliant, xx

  4. thank you very muchos chica ! have to admit, this post really iiiiis inspiring. ain’t no thing like margiela and minimalism …

  5. maan, i love this! x

  6. wow, this a truly inspiring post… somehow you managed to put together everything i’m craving….

  7. YES to all of this.
    + the entire issue of Encens (which the first image is from) is utterly inspiring in its entirety.

  8. i love that abbey lee shot!

  9. Wow, really cool images! I have a few photos from the set as the last photo, they are really interesting

  10. SUPER images !!!

  11. SUPER images !!!

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