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GirlalaMode Grey Acne

Wearing full grey has perhaps been my new obsession, with grey purchases far outweighing the usual black or white. These two are my favourites, although I wish the knit was the exact same colour as the wool skirt; I have been wearing them both on most days, as my instagram indicates. Why can’t all garments be the perfect, raw cut precision as this?


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  1. Oh that skirt, a-ma-zing! Love how you styled it in your own way!
    With love,


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  2. Absolutely love this Charlie. I’m such a sucker for light grey. It is my absolute favourite colour to wear. I think I have about 8 American Apparel t-shirts in that soft athletic grey shade. It’s so good.

    p.s. I just took outfit photos yesterday in front of a plain dark grey wall. I know yours is white – but funny we both went for the same thing.


    1. I absolutely love grey tees too, only two to my collection so far, you have me well and truly beat!

  3. Ugh Charlie, grey works perfectly with your eye color, love this combo so much <3

  4. Nice outfit

  5. can’t believe how perfectly your eye colour matches with this gorgeous jumper!

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