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YES! I have exciting news my friends, after taunting you all this week on instagram with these leather trousers from my AW14 collection, they are now available to buy! Finally hey :) We still have an insane sale going on, trying to clear out the studio so all SS14 and back prices are 70% off and more.

I am really quite obsessed with these leathers; drop crotch, padded knees and welt zip fastening with matte black hardware.. I could run away and join a biker gang right this moment. 

Photos by Shini


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  1. I love the back of your top, totes amaze

    perfect outfit, i don’t think i’ve ever wanted a pair of slides more xxxx

  2. Gorgeous outfit! What a great top (that back!) and those trousers are just too good!

    X STYLONYM http://www.stylonym.blogspot.com

  3. They are perfect! Gorgeous outfit!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  4. Pretty, love all black watches!

  5. Love the outfit<3

  6. Those leather trousers are amazing!

    Sophia || sophiebysophia.blogspot.com

  7. cant stop thinking about the anti-fit leather pants… truly amazing

  8. Yes, I’m so obsessed with these leather trousers. just a few minutes ago I was drooling over them when I visited your shop!

  9. Great pics & killer leather trousers :)


  10. BEAUTUFUL trousers but £600!!

  11. Nice photos, your outfit is biutiful !!

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