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Wearing: Limi Feu coat, Ann Demeulemeester shirt and triple lace boots.

I picked up this shirt a few seasons ago at the Antwerp stock sales, it’s one of the stranger items I own; the buttons are inside out, although the seams are on the inside, and the cotton has been treated with oil so that I smell like a mechanic when I wear it. I don’t think it ever went into production, but I love that Ann always experiments.

Photos by Lexxi

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  1. loving Ann D. <3

  2. Love love love. The shirt. The buttons. The shoes. The laces. The girl inside. Love love love. x

  3. the coat, the shirt, the boots – i can’t tell you how much i love (and envy you because of) your outfit. you look fantastic!

  4. Ahhh those boots. So jealous that you found those. I keep telling myself we are not the same shoe size as to not go too crazy (I have no idea your size, I just lie to myself) I have that exact same shirt- bought it in Tokyo at the Ann store a few years ago, but it doesn’t have an oil finish on it.

  5. i love that shirt, and i like your story of its origins — makes it extra special. and your boots are lovely.

    just started following your blog! come say hi too if you fancy. cheers!


  6. Love it! meowww

  7. Love this top on you Charlie. Totally couldn’t smell the mechanic scent when I saw you wearing this top… haha! Seriously love all the detail shots. Looking gorgeous sweet girl. xx

  8. Such a beautiful look!! An I love how you’ve done your nails!


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