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Had an insanely fun night last night at the Patron XO Cafe Speakeasy event at Bureau, where we partook in a pop tart trash quiz, came second place, met Alistair Guy and drank too many cocktails before dancing to Louise Gray on the decks and Johny Woo on the mic. I’m sure you all know this if you follow me on instagram and twitter though, cringe! Twitter should shut down after you’ve had a few drinks. The pop up speakeasy is open until the 1st December so you should all go for some cabaret christmas fun!

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  1. Your blog is amazing! :)

  2. CRINGE. So jealous, I so wish I’d made it… Can’t wait to experience your hangovers tonight haha!

    ALSO You got to canoodle with Alistair?? What I would give to feel that ginger beard on my cheek

  3. So offing sad that I missed this. I hate you.

    Ok, bye!

  4. So glad I can follow along with your wild adventures via Twitter Charlie! I’d be devastated if it shut down after you had a few drinks.

    Looks like it was so much fun. Love Duck’s jealousy of your canoodles. xx

  5. awesome pics!looks like u had a blast!<3


  6. Ha it is so cringe when you read your tweets / see your ‘hilarious’ instagrams the morning after. Funny though x

  7. Ahaha, this looks hilarious. x

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