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Some current inspo whilst I’ve fallen off the radar for the week. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I just returned from 32 hours in the countryside for my Mum’s birthday and brothers graduation, double celebrations! It was so nice to get out of London for a day, especially with the Olympic crowds building. London certainly feels more hectic than usual, can I say I’m jealous to those who got out whilst they still could? 

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  1. I recognise those waves. Does image No 1 suggest prints in Charlie May?!

    1. Haha, no, not yet! These images are just inspiring my mood, my collection is quite different from this I think. (No black!)

    2. NO BLACK

  2. Love these photos – especially the waves and the volcano. Hope you enjoyed your time at home! xx

  3. I so want to visit your countryside and the beach.

    P.s Mannnn, what are those ballet shoes?

  4. By the look of it, you’ll just love this designer: http://www.pabloramirez.com.ar

    Cheers :)

  5. Hi,
    great post… I love the combination between art and fashion
    I want to follow in Instagram .. What’s is your name?
    xoxo from germany

    1. Hi Claudia!

      My Instagram name is girlalamode x

  6. ooo.. thought provoking!
    I notice you have a thing at the moment for sea foam and waves or wave like natural currents… potential store concept decor? lol

    xx nathan.niche


  7. I can’t imagine how London would be right now… Oh lawwwwwrd
    Perfect picks!

    The Lovelorn

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