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The Townhall Hotel Patriot Square, London E2 9NF

Current favourite eatery in London is the newly discovered (to me only) Corner Room at the Town Hall hotel. Having heard rave reviews from friends for months, I couldn’t believe I still hadn’t had the chance to pop in. Luckily, a couple of weeks back I had the chance with a relaxed meal with friends and family – meaning the whole menu could be ordered without fear of judgement! We ended up splitting a couple of two courses and three courses so we could pick at all the entrees and still have all our own mains, leaving room to share two desserts between the four of us. Ideal!

I wish I could tell you exactly what we ordered but the menu changes day to day depending on seasonal produce. There’s always room for surprises like my main dish, salt baked shallots, which comes out separately and is cracked open and served to you on the plate was beautiful, and don’t get me started on Clym’s beef dish that looked easily like a piece of art on the plate. I am also desperate to try the famous Typing Room downstairs, a touch of what you see here but ramped up about 10 notches. I also need to recommend the Peg + Parrot bar, which serves a Pinã Colada that is completely clear in colour and made from coconut water. Mmmm!

Aside from the food, the hotel itself is an instagrammers dream; every marble clad corner is something new to snap. The building is an actual old Town Hall so we stumbled upon a court room still with original wooden benches and features. I promise to head back soon to shoot more for you guys to see, if you’re travelling to London over the summer though, this is THE place to stay.


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  1. Oh my London love!

  2. The Food looks amazing – I will definitely try it soon. I am always on the hunt for nice places where you can enjoy a great meal. So thanks for sharing.

    Just read your interview on Journelles – I loved it.

    Cheers Vanessa /// http://www.cityfreudeblog.london

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