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Whilst in Antwerp we had the pleasure of staying at the Sir Plantin hotel in downtown Antwerp, just a 10 minute walk away from Centraal station. On arrival we were greeted by the hotel manager, Wim, who filled us in on where the best eateries were in the area – which did not disappoint.

The quirky boutique hotel designed with contemporary suites dominated by a huge tudor painting on one wall of the room – ours had old queen Liz looking down upon us in shades of green, whilst the boys next door had Anne Boleyn in orange. I loved the contrast between the dominant artwork and the subtle minimal furnishings; the bathroom was tiled all in black with white highlights, whilst the rest of the hotel was a mushroom grey with black furnishings. The paintings continued throughout the hotel but were chopped up and put together, a selection of hands on one wall, faces on the other.

Other than the decor, one of the highlights was the breakfast bar from 7am, where you’ll be offered waffles and coffee or can help yourself to hot food and pastries. Such a perfect start to the day! To end the day you can wind up at the bar, along with your complimentary drink ticket you receive on arrival. There’s also a free minibar in each room with a selection of water, fizzy drinks and beer.

It’s worth a big mention for all bloggers out there that there is free high speed internet. Always the nightmare of any journalist, having to fork out money for internet that can’t even handle it, but at Sir Plantin the internet was amazing! 

Thank you so much to Wim for having us, and making our Antwerp trip that much more enjoyable.

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  1. I love this place!!!
    Beautiful photos!!!

  2. Nooooo you used the obese photo of me!! Love how you didn’t clear away the glasses or bottles to take the photos…


    1. Thanks, adjusted accordingly.

      Matthew looks beautiful and therefore evens out the photograph, so you don’t need to worry.

      My next post has plenty of beautiful photos of you!

    2. I think you were *meant* to say I don’t look obese…

    3. I told you that a million times when it happened.

  3. Love all the old art work with the modern furniture!

  4. Great photos!:D

  5. OMG free complimentary wifi is soooo essential nowadays (journalists and bloggers), I was on a press trip in Milan last year I was forced to pay 15 euros (stupid Swisscom)…it was alot :S

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