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The second finding of the night at the MDX Graduate Show was Hanna Nielsen‘s collection ‘Sound Wear’. The headwear was inspired by research into a Norwegian oil company that used an unusual personality test  on all their employees. The test puts people in groups of four colours depending if their a ‘leader’ type, shy, fun or dislikes change. The company then made their employees wear stickers on their helmets to improve team building and working relationships.
Believing that everyone is actually a mix of each colour, Hanna has played around with this concept making these Sound Wear hats colourful and able to create sound too. The employee can now express themselves and begin to communicate in a new way.
I absolutely love this idea and Hanna’s hats! The wood used to make the hats looks beautiful contrasted with the bright colours and it’s so satisfying playing around with the different sounds. 
You can find more of Hanna’s work on her website.

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