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A tour of Aoyama

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When staying in Tokyo we like to be in the Shibuya neighbourhood, easy to walk to most places, lots of great restaurants and parks. Aoyama is a neighbourhood close to Shibuya and the architecture there always blows my mind. The Japanese architecture is insanely great at the best of times, but this neighbourhood has the sense they are each trying to out-chic each other.

I was shooting a little project for Omega and greatly enjoyed stalking around the little side streets, marvelling at not only the sakura blossoms (Or what was left of them) but also the contrast of green foliage and grey cement. You had houses built around trees; houses absolutely covered in trees, almost abandoned and overgrown looking but people do actually live there!

So above I’ve shared some of my findings whilst walking around Tokyo. I can’t wait to be back there in October where I’ll do some more stalking for you guys.

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  1. What a beautiful city! It looks so interesting!

  2. Just wow!! The funny thing is that Japan is where I intend to live in just a few years and every time I see it in pictures, it makes me soo happy!! It’s all around just a breath taking country!! Obsessed with your outfits and definitely thank you for sharing x

    Millie x

  3. What a pretty story, I love the mix of all those natural elements (such an amazing edit of blossoms!) against the man made textures… Beautiful as always!

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