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Featuring: The Row Flagship, Melrose Place, LA.

No, it’s not a dream, you are visually laying your eyes upon the new flagship from the Row; as discovered through my girl Andy Heart via WWD. When I posted this last week there was some speculation if this was even real, the space looks so other-wordly to us we can’t even imagine. The space is reported to have been both Mark Kate and Ashley’s hairdressers before it became available. I dream about when I open my first store but I can’t imagine it ever having an open roof pool feature – only in LA! Which reminds me is on my list of top visits this year..

Photos by WWD

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  1. the most stylish store ever


  2. Beautiful store it is, truly amazing!

    X STYLONYM http://www.stylonym.blogspot.com

  3. Come visit Charlie! xx

  4. Wow what a beautiful, serene place to shop

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