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Amongst the reeds


I rarely dive into colour, but this pink jacket is actually the perfect colour pink. It goes with practically everything I own (it helps that these are mostly black, white or grey pieces mind you). Living in this tee again from Christine Strasberg for JV Reid paired with the perfect slinky micro knit piece from my new collection, finally available online. The split up the back really creates beautiful movement, whilst I appreciate the waistband for doing everything it can to cinch in my waist ;)

These trainers have been through thick and thin with me the last few months. I got a bit bored of the basic white trainers look and these nude Nike air max zero’s from Size? are the perfect find. In Mauritius David and I decided to hike up one of the mountains there called Le Pouce. Classic me, always in search of something better and more exhilarating (even when we’ve got something good going on) decided to veer off another path that I thought would lead up another peak, instead we were jumping across ditches and dangerous sheer drops, falling into muddy torrents from the previous day’s rain, and all leading slowly down the mountain 2 hours the other side until we turned up in Port Louis! Despite being near brown when we returned to the hotel, one of the maids offered to pressure wash them for me, and to my delight they literally came out brand new.

One reason I love trainers more than anything else is their versatility when it comes to matching my lifestyle. Bike riding, running, walking, HIKING. All in a days work for most of the shoes I own. There are many chicer shoe choices I’ve currently got my eye on now I’m back in the city. From Rosetta Getty to Manolo Blahniq and The Row. Not to mention younger brands such as Loq. But perhaps I need to have a clear out of what I have already before I start filling the cupboards… Not to mention I am actually broke post honeymoon/wedding so I need to start scrimping and saving again before any more extravagances come by!

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  1. Looove this outfit Charlie!! Great styling and thanks for sharing x

    Millie x

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