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The salt flats of Peru

Salinas de Maras 850Urubamba salt flatsPeru-Urumbamba-salt-flats-2Peru-Urumbamba-salt-flats-7Peru-Urumbamba-salt-flats-3Peru-Urumbamba-salt-flats-4

A short drive away from the Inkaterra hotel is Urubamba’s famous geological landmark, the Salinas de Maras or salt flats. The road to the salt evaporated ponds is amazing in itself. We drove along giant flat dirt roads that kick up dust behind, whilst the view in our front windscreen were giant mountains with snow topped peaks shrouded in cloud.

As you wind slowly down the valley the salt flats come into view, over the edge of the sheer drop below (Peru’s road were a little scary for my tastes but I was thankful to not be the one driving). I was amazed that you can walk along the shelves, which are actually still used by the local community today. They come to gather their own pink Andean mountain salt throughout the year. As this was winter season, we found the flats weren’t so in use, so it almost felt deserted and there just for us.

It’s amazing to think of the salt coming from deep down inside the earth, far from any sea or river. You could see it bubbling up and being funnelled down into the shelves through beautiful centuries old hand carved methods. I learned that the term a man is worth his salt is because salt was so rare and difficult to come by, that it was worth it’s weight in gold.

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