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Even though this doesn’t totally relate to what I’ve been living in the past few weeks, I found myself delving into my iPhoto past and finding these from my last MyDaily ed. I really love the thick wool and shape of this Acne jacket, which begs the question why i didn’t buy it for £50 at the last stock sale, when it was still being sold online at the time for a few hundred. No wonder Acne stocksales end up queuing around the block (If you wanna get serious be there an hour previous). I didn’t mean for that to rhyme. 

Recently I’ve been thinking about how lucky Londoners must be, with dozens of questions coming my way about how I actually afford a designer wardrobe, when I don’t buy anything, ever, full price. The answer is of course; the sample sales happening twice a year ranging from Christopher Kane to Antipodium; the famous London department stores, Selfridges, Harrods, Liberty and Harvey Nichols plummeting their end of line sales to 80% off in the final week; and finally my biggest weakness, eBay. Obviously eBay is for everyone, but the rest has me feeling like Londoners are pretty lucky. Obviously New York probably has it even better, and I know Antwerp stocksales are pretty unmissable, but what’s it like in your city, where do you find your bargains? 

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  1. Dude, there are no bargains to be found in Zurich. The Issey Miyake top/skirt and Balenciaga boots I found at a charity shop were my only good finds to date… but even those weren’t cheap.

    Next time sample sale season comes around expect to find a visitor knocking on your door. I’d gladly wait in line from the wee hours of the morning to get my hands on some discounted Acne. xx

  2. I always envy your bargain finds, you should come to HK there’s NO tax hence there’s so many Mainlanders (peeps from China) go bargain mad. A friend of mine in HK bought a Versace SS11 cotton dress from sample sale in HK for £20!!!!!!

  3. Kit – Wow, that’s a serious bargain!

  4. This pastel color is really beautiful…<3 The whole outfit look amazing!^^

  5. i would love to wear the matching men’s look

  6. LYNN and HORST – We’d look SO good. Would the mens version be pastel blue?

  7. this is an absolute stunning post because it makes me feel fuzzy inside! the photos are sublime because of the colors of the outfit and the background! absolutely incredible, i cannot describe it in any other way

  8. I really love this look, suits you so well, that blazer really is something! :DX

  9. stocksales are the best! i go to every stocksale in Antwerp & Brussels:) i’m going to londen from 24-28 april, anything special happening? :)

  10. really nice jacket!
    please take a look to my blog and let me know if you like it!


  11. I’m really tempting by these stocksales, when are the next ones? Will be picking your brains at fashion week!

  12. love this :)

    just found your blog and I’m definitely following*


  13. Loving powder pink at the moment and this jacket is gorgeous.It’s true London is better for in store bargains all year round comparing to Paris where I was buying mainly through discount online sites like vente privee etc…as the sales are only once per season but we had Maje and Sandro outlets in central Paris…

  14. Beautiful blazer!



  15. I almost moved to London last year but maybe it’s best I didn’t – I’d go crazy with sample sales!

  16. new york has some great bargains, but whenever a sample sale pops up, it turns into an absolute riot. lines for hours and crazy women fighting over the racks. not fun. i end up buying my designer pieces online or on consignment.

    p.s. i love that coat!



  17. the blazer looks cute!!!!!!!!!<3



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