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On our last Friday night in Brussels the shops stayed open for the Modo Parcours, each shop had its own entertainment and drinks led out onto the street. It was sort of like Fashions Night Out but much cooler and less structured. Michael and I headed to Icon, where we’d been earlier that day to see the Piece of Chic exhibition, featuring giant animal heads reconstructed out of vintage furs, on top of printed silk shift dresses. That night the animals came alive in the form of electro pop Belgian sensation Hong Kong Dong; the most exciting live performance I’ve seen in a long time.

 See more of me dancing like a mannequin and the night rounded up here…

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  1. so fun! the guy vocalist is so cute..

  2. omg! I once bought these freakish dead animal fur faces from market, didn’t know why, but I was drawn to them. Now I can realise the beauty :D

  3. No, this isn’t cool. Finding new ways to wear dead animal skin is gross, not fashion. I understand how people enjoy the aesthetic, but it’s honestly so disgusting the way people are parading the suffering of another being.

  4. Anonymous – If you actually looked at the website you’d see that it’s not about parading around the suffering of animals, its saying that you don’t need to kill animals.
    The heads are made out of recycled vintage and the silk is obviously printed.

  5. Look, I didn’t even see the silk, I wasn’t commenting on that. So you say a website that features a model posing, absolutely surrounded by dead animals, isn’t supporting the industry of fur and other animal products? Whether it is vintage or not, how is there any difference? It’s still cruel, and to have an event with it as the theme just seems wrong to me.

  6. I agree with Anonymous. The fashion industry is way too shallow and full of morons for this ‘animal rights’ message to be appreciated. Not that I even get your point – how is parading around in gross old animal fur (in a way that is openly gloating) positive in terms of the anti-fur movement.

    If you promote vintage fur you fuel the market for new fur. There’s no way to argue around this.

    I found this pretentious, vile and self congratulatory.

    Too bad :/

  7. Anonymous – I agree that the collections lookbook perhaps isn’t as tasteful as it should be, but I am not speaking for the designer just relaying the message.
    I’m sorry this has offended you, I know that fur is a sensitive subject and I should have thought more about it before posting.

    Joy – I personally don’t believe that the use of vintage fur spurs on the use of the new. You can’t change the past but I understand and respect your point of view. Thanks for stopping by.

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