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This project of Lee Rey-ient’s started a year ago in the underground basement of Lee’s large pink house; asking all her friends to come over, we were left to our own devices behind a curtain. Four photos were taken with 5 seconds space in between. Inspired by old photo-booth images she’d found of her friends and family, she wanted to re create these precious and funny moments.
A year on she is exhibiting her work at the Start Gallery above Start the Bus in Bristol.
A photo-booth was set up in the corner snapping exhibition goers, whilst people lounged about on the large leather sofa’s laughing and drinking. I was even lucky enough to take some of the snaps myself, with Lee being an excellent coach!
The photos taken on the night will be available to buy from the Top Deck shop, situated next to the gallery.
You can see more of Lee Rey-ient’s beautiful photography on her blog.

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  1. Nice Outfits and gorgeous pictures! Love the post :)

  2. Even so its ALL about those clogs! loveyou

  3. How rad!! This is awesome…



  4. I love this! Hauteflyx

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