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The creation of these beautiful porcelain forms juxtaposed with metal is only made possible by an uglier, less attractive material being formed, filled and kilned.”

“Geometric shapes, clusters of nuggets, glinting green emeralds and luxuriant crimson rubies that sit deep in the natural crevices of gold, silver and bronze, are reminiscent of the precarious boulders that cling and jut out of the coastal landscape.”


“Star clusters, bubbling gases, spiralling milky ways, and angular meteorites, are all at the core of Imogen’s collection, ‘Equilibrium’ . The incredible colours and shapes seen in the solar system have inspired and evolved Imogen’s designs, developing her techniques of fusing bronze, gold and silver with porcelain into dramatic molten-like formations.”

“Architectural ‘ is inspired by the city, transforming skyscrapers into miniature porcelain forms that nestle within the protective grip of silver, gold and bronze.”

Imogen Belfield Jewellery

When I stumbled upon Imogen Belfield’s jewellery over at fashion156, I was overcome with greed. Belfield’s jewellery collections are so rich and mourish, you want it all.
She has four collections, The Unshores, Equilibrium, Achitectural, and diffusions, Each one more beautiful than the next.
The rings are somewhat affordable too ranging from £100 – £500, depending on the metals.
You can see even more of her delicious creations here

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  1. Soo beautiful rings!

  2. Wow, these are amazing! :O x

  3. WOWEE

  4. have to check out her collection! these are amazing!

  5. Absolute lust

  6. rich, great pieces.

  7. rich, great pieces.

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