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Accessory Overload at Saks Fifth Avenue

I go through phases of wanting insane amounts of jewellery, rings mainly. I seem to have hit another one now, hard.
Browsing the Saks Fifth Avenue website last night I came across these.

Insane Alexander McQueen Knuckle Duster Ring

Beautiful skull bangle and leather belt skull wrap bracelet. The one below is my favourite, I fall hard for anything that has that beautiful oil slick colour.

Beautiful molten gold cuff also by Alexis Bittar

Arty Oval Rings by Yves Saint Laurent. Which colour do you guys prefer? I can’t decide… I’m thinking the blue is more timeless? I want them both!

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  1. hi! i like your blog!
    if I had to choose between red or blue ysl rings, I would buy the blue one!

  2. Nice group! I love skulls, but that cheese grater cuff is extraordinary!

  3. I prefer the coral YSL ring with the blue veins running through it, so gorgeous!

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