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Lilly Heine

Lilly Heine uses layers of laser cut fabric to produce soft, sculptural pieces. her inspiration developed from Brancusi’s work, picasso’s naive early sketches and studies of curvaceous women.
I love collections that you find yourself staring at for ages wondering how on earth they did it. Absolutely beautiful!

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  1. The shoes!!!!!!! Totally in love with the colours.


  2. I really like the colors. The simplicity of the pieces with the little extra is really cool, especially on the light purple dress.

  3. wow, that’s so beautiful. so delicate, architectural. and yes, the colours…

  4. This was kinda cool!

  5. i love this collection. the craftsmanship is amazing. i love seeing designers exploring new grounds of making interesting and creative clothes.


  6. like soft optical illusions, i love it! x

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