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Finally my photos from Antwerp! Sorry for there being so many, I fell in love with the city, it was so so beautiful! We went to Ghent too which was also incredible, so sorry for the heavy architecture/art photos, but hey, its culture!
I definitely want to go and do an internship in Antwerp next year, the fashion and the way they view fashion there is out of this world! And everyone speaks English of course.
Super cute tortoise called Turtle/Mildred that lived in Amy’s garden, he was so glad to come in from the rain.

So beautiful!
Aaaand I hate beer, but Beligian beer is so yummy! I’ve become some sort of beer expert all of a sudden, in Ghent I think all we did was drink beer and look at architecture.. although I think that was all there was to do!

The Ann Demeulemeester store, It had this tiny sign, you could walk past it and have no idea it was there!
Strapping my purchases onto the bike! She put my jacket and shoes into a cute little fabric bag for me, so helpful when I was having to fight my way accross the underground on my way back.
The peer was beautiful! We got some patries from a bakery and sat and watched all the huge ships come in and dock.
The Ann D. fashion week showroom was held right behind us in this huge old warehouse

Cheesy smiles and tea at this really cute café
This surreal ride was outside Antwerp central station, Anvers. It was so amazing! There was a film inside the station showing it being made. It was all iron, and bugs and insects, the kids loved it!

back at home with my purchases….

On sale at Ann D. These shoes are so amazing! They are the comfiest shoes I have ever worn! You can play around with the laces too.
Isabel Marant silk crepe dress

This dress was bought at Labels Inc. in Antwerp, only €50

I will do another post dedicated to all my purchases, later on today. No architecture, I swear!

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  1. wow the buildings look fascinating, so quirky. It all looks like something out of a Tim Burton Movie!
    Great Stuff.
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi :)
    I’ve visited Antwerp many times and I think it’s a beautiful city! I love those old buildings, they are so beautiful!
    There’s nothing like Europe!

  3. Fab pictures, it looks really fun.

  4. amazing finds!!! love your pictures too :)


  5. amazing finds!!! love your pictures too :)


  6. wow, im most envious of your trip to antwerp. you captured so much hidden beauty and culture in the photos. and the thin draping dress is a divine purchase too. x


  7. really nice your blog !!!!
    I will come back°°°

  8. Your shoes are super cute! :] And you look like you had a ton of fun!


  9. oh my gosh i looooooove that creepy pier and those paintings on the building.
    i totally can’t remember which was the evil olsen twin.
    must mention i also love the chole campaign, grainy old looking photographs hit the spot.
    where are my illustrations? they are totally fierce and need to be admired, lal
    L xx

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  11. Some things never change

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