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Under armour

Charlie-May-beige-topcoat-1 Charlie-May-beige-topcoat-building-block-islington Charlie-May-Islington-cropGirlalamode-Movers-&-CashmereGirl-a-la-mode-movers-and-cashmereCharlie-May-topcoat-close-upCharlie-May-portraitCharlie-May-Movers-&-Cashmere-islington-londonCharlie-May-Movers-&-Cashmere-silk-shirt-building-blockCharlie-May-Movers-&-Cashmere-2

Wearing: Charlie May beige topcoat (landing in July), silk shirt dress, Movers & Cashmere long sleeve top,
ribbed track pants, ConverseBuilding Block cross body & Finery earrings.

An insane day of packing up shipments for Spring summer 17 saw us spending half the day on our knees rapidly sticking labels and folding garments that had just come in from the factory, to be sent out again that very afternoon. When it was finally all said and done we took ourselves out for a well deserved late lunch (4.30pm!) at Prawn on the Lawn in Islington (a must try if you’re in the area). Do you like where I’m taking you on this adventures of the highs and lows of my day? The truth is even when I’m in the studio i’m usually wearing unsuitable clothing, getting everything white covered in dust and lint, but then with lint rollers at every turn that’s quickly salvaged when heading out the door.

Feeling cute after whipping on this beige topcoat from my latest collection, we shot this at my ideal homestead. Disclaimer – this is not my home, but we can pretend for all of 10 minutes can’t we? I adore these London townhouses; favourite times being in the winter when it gets dark early and I can peer in and dream at the decor within. But I’m also very glad we’re out of the depths of winter now and into summer tiiiiime. London’s filled with blossoms everywhere and you only need to look at my instagram story to see that I am 20 minutes late into work every day because I can’t not stop and take pictures of all the Magnolia’s.

It’s worth putting in another disclaimer that London is not as warm as it looks right now, and my friends at Movers & Cashmere have the best way to stay chic and warm at the same time. I’ve been living in this long sleeve and the tank top version, whilst I was in Paris for fashion week AND when I got home AND generally underneath everything including what I’m wearing today. My parter also put the tank in the wash and by some miracle it has not shrunk to baby clothing. Wahoo! My win for the week.

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  1. Obsessed with this outfit Charlie, the cashmere is definitely a great look to carry you between the changing Winter to Spring months!! Loove your IG stories!! Great post and have a great weekend babe x

    Millie x

  2. That coat is so sophisticated and i’m seriously in love with the pants!

    Love, Turn it inside out

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