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Wearing – Alexander McQueen dress, Urban Outfitters boots and Vivienne Westwood ring
Before Christmas just as we had our first snow fall, Alexxsia and I were invited to a wine tasting bloggers evening by Turning Leaf for the new Lara Bohinc collaboration. It was just what we needed after a heavy fashion season, collected by car and delivered to the cosy rooms off Dean St.
Can you believe everything in this room was bought of eBay? Even looking at these photos reminds me of how cosy it was. I’d never been to a bloggers wine tasting evening and it was wonderful to not only try the selections of wine’s (and cheese) available but for fashion bloggers and wine bloggers to meet and exchange ideas. It’s wonderful to know that in every circle there are dedicated bloggers with different passions.
Favourite Turning Leaf wine had to be the Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir and Zinfandel. (Did I just name all of them?) They were so delicious and actually a really fair price, I’m a convert!
Thank you so much to the ladies at Turning Leaf for inviting us to this fun evening.
And to the bloggers; Cherie City, Wine Being, The Wine Twit, The Brighter Sparks and Fashion is a Victim; it was great to meet all of you.
All photographs by Patricia Niven

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  1. This place looks amazing! I love the room how they dedicated it


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