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Cute photos of Kit from our post fashion week lunch at Pattiserie Valerie. I can’t remember who took which of these photos, some were me and some were Lexxi but it is undisputed that Kit looks adorable, a little treacle tart!

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  1. hahaha, sweeeeeet! :)

  2. hahaha, sweeeeeet! :)

  3. so stylish :)

  4. Hahahaha thank you for the ‘Treacle Tart’ shots.
    I still yet to post mine of yours.

  5. Pattiserie Valerie. I still have a hard time pronouncing it as the French would without chocking…did you guys have a choco-overload? These pictures look super.

  6. i love kit. she is the best and has the most incredible and inspiring style. gorgeous photos. props to both photographers. xx

  7. hi darling.
    these are such great shots. thanks for sharing and stopping by me, the jacket is still in store i think- saw it last weekend.. but you never know..
    im hoping the jacket is still there when i go shopping next weekend.

  8. definitely adorable :)

  9. Love your blog!! You have style!! I will come back for sure!

  10. Oh I love her skirt. The detailed shots are very fabby! x

  11. Kit looks AMAZING! Love the Elizabeth Lau jumper. She always makes me smile.

  12. Kit is a BABE x

  13. I love it! Before the photo’s loaded I saw the title of the post– “TREACLE TART” and was looking forward to a recipe but the photo’s are much better! I love the top!

  14. Kit is so cute, these are very lovely shots of her!

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