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Last week Lexxi, Jill and I met at the cutest, quirkiest cafe in Shoreditch for coffee. Sitting upstairs, hiding away from the world, we shared stories and talked for hours until before we knew it the whole day had gone by. I’ve been making a considerable effort after fashion week to not burrow into a hole and hibernate, instead I’ve been catching up with all the friends I abused around the time running up to the show! Coming back after coffee with Jill and Lexxi, I sat and sketched all night feeling so inspired. Taking life a little more easily achieves much better creativity. 

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  1. That cafe looks amazing, I must find it when i’m next in Shoreditch. Great photos xx

  2. Wow! I have to go there next time I visit London. The decor is so beautiful that it’s no wonder you spent all day there. Love the photos too. xx

  3. This is a great hangout spot. I spend hours in there all the time – more like years gossiping. The pictures look great and appealing. Makes me wanna go there right now.

  4. Wow- really great photos you have here! Looks like a really cool place for a drink xxx

  5. Looks absolutely brilliant, a Turkish harem with my favourite non-ice cream dessert, balaklava. What’s the cafe’s name? :D

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  6. lol love the hibernate thing!!

    gorge pics and place so jealous right now!!


  7. Amazing pictures !!!

  8. LOVE this post Charlie!! That was the most magic day. Aha you did include a crotch shot! ; )

    You really captured the mood. I was so inspired by that day, too. Oh I see David knows the place too. Can’t wait to go back.


  9. Mmm… Portugese custard tarts… Yum.

  10. i really love these photos, nice closeups. and so nice to see familiar faces ;)
    hope you had a nice time, it sure looks like it. i wanna join up next time im in london


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