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Items: Collar – Unknown, half cuff – Helmut Lang, claw ring – Dominic Jones.
Some of my favourite items of jewellery lately. Anything that’s minimal and gold is perfect for me right now. I had a bit of a bust up trying to go to a Dominic Jones sample sale last week, an incorrect map and phone being low on battery led me to the dodgy ends of East London for an hour before I gave up and came home again. Hopefully I’ll get my hands on some more soon, but for now this is more than what I need.

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  1. Oh looky looky. There’s the Helmut Lang bangle I’m planning on lifting the next time I see you. xx

    PS. Sorry about today.

  2. Those are some amazing pieces, specially that Helmut Lang bracelet. But I´m still even more curious about your own jewelry! Can´t wait to see your designs!

  3. Love the Dominic Jones ring, it’s stunning!

  4. amazing shot! loving minimal stuff like these!

  5. That sort of collar is the one for a/w. Need on in my life. X

  6. I would buy that Helmut Lang, and not even joking :)

    If you’re interested dm me and I can make a good offer.

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