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Wearing: Margiela shirt dress, Chloe braided sandals.

I’d been saving this perfectly simple shirt dress for the day of my show, knowing that it had the right balance of comfort and paired down chicness. Although, being Margiela is did have some slight quirks; like the arm holes coming down super low, disabling me from lifting my arms too high! What an amazing day though, I still can’t quite believe it happened. Looking forward to seeing more photos from the show itself, wondering at this point why I didn’t set up a video! 

Pictures by Jessie


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  1. If your clothes don’t render you disabled in some manner it’s just not chic!!

  2. The shirt dress is just impeccable. I’d probably trade in half of my closet just to have one perfect piece like this. and the nude sandals just compliment it perfectly. I’ll be looking forward to see some pics from the show as well.

    1. Thank you Karina! I agree, it’s pieces like this that make you feel like you don’t need anything else.

  3. lovely. x


  4. This is so cool! :–) Love it!

  5. Wow, that shirt dress is just perfection.
    Great look!



  6. And what about that thin belt? Who makes it, i like it a lot.

    1. It came with the dress actually! I love it a lot!

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