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On Wednesday I was at the opening of the new Sunglass Hut flagship in Covent Garden. I had way too much fun; with sunglasses to drool over and mini ice creams to chew on the party was a night to remember. Bip Ling, Queens of Noize and The Voguettes DJ’d whilst guests tried out the pioneering new in-store software ‘social sun’ where you can upload pictures of yourself wearing your favourite shades and share them online. My favourite sunglasses had to be the new baroque Prada’s, so obsessed! 
Go to the new store in Covent Garden now to enjoy 25% off any second pair and follow them on twitter.
Thank you Phoebe for the amazing night!

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  1. such cool pictures- i love the mini icecrams :) xx

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  2. That party looks like it was amazing. And all of these sunglasses are great, though my favorites are easily the red lace Dolce & Gabbanas.


  3. Looks like such a fun event! There are so many great pairs of sunglasses!

  4. holy cow, what a fab post! :) beautiful detail shots, lovely people shots (ah, so many stylish peole)… and the sunnies… i love the prada “light” version of the runway shades, but i think everybody wears, wants, already has them. so i think it would only be cool to be bold and have the real thing.

  5. I love this idea, and I’m excited to see what other new concept stores do in the future! I love the icecreamists too, I found them when they were in selfridges a few years ago.

  6. Amazing post! Lovely (crazy ;-) pictures
    Great blog dear <3

  7. colored braids: so cool!

  8. So cool pictures!! Love it :-)

    My blog
    xoxo Michaela

  9. Mini icecreams…mini cosmos…mini lattés?!! So great. I don’t suppose you walked away with those Prada beauties, did you?

  10. I wish!! I love them so much though, I’m getting them as belated birthday pressie :D xx

  11. Great photos, looks like you were in good company with Bip and Henry Holland!

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