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Magdalena Gustafsson
Julia Bjorkeheim
Timothy Bouyez Forge
Audrey Jade Littman


Pauline Edvall
Sara Arnesen
Lisette Norrby
Eight up and coming London based designers showcased their work last month in Shoreditch, East London in a show titled “Fashion For Show”.
Fashion For Show was originally started in 2010 by a small group of designers who wanted to set themselves apart and establish themselves in a world of Fashion and Art. It’s always inspiring to see young creatives going far beyond what is expected of them and getting the amazing response they deserve.
I can’t lie that I didn’t have favourites; Magdalena Gustafsson stole the show for me, I thought the textures, headwear and long elegant silhouettes were beautiful, wearable and if I was a buyer I’d be in there. Not to mention the Large hat outfit looked very Christopher Kane AW11.

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  1. wow! this all looks amazing. who designs the green dress in the first set of pictures, it’s stunning. definitely following your blog. :)

  2. Amazing : ) xxx

  3. this looks like a great movement. thanks for sharing this info. next time i’m there.

  4. I was scrolling the pictures thinking WHY DON’T I KNOW ONE SINGLE OF THOSE NAMES?
    and it’s always a very good feeling. To see something fresh every now and then.
    to catch new interesting stories.
    Yeah, love those.
    love your blog too.


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