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 Wearing: Ann Demeulemeester jacket, chiffon top and shoes, Haider Ackermann waistcoat and trousers, American Apparel clutch, minx nails.
The first waistcoat i’ve ever really owned, bought again from the Antwerp stocksales (am I boring you yet?). I’m trying to figure out how to wear it on it’s own, maybe I’m not used to it but it looks odd as a top layer. Of course it looks beautiful under this white Ann D jacket. Maybe I’m just too into layering and need to be more minimal. I’m obsessed with wide legged trousers at the moment too, and these Haider’s are the perfect size, colour and fabric.

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  1. Awesome nails!!!! Loving this post and the title!


  2. once again a beautiful post!
    love the pale colors!
    Ive also got the same gold but on my toenails, isn’t it the best invention ever, no chipping off!

  3. um, your nails are AMAZING (as is your outfit, as usual). please fill me in on your nailpolish secret!



  4. le blanc te vas très bien, et j’adore tes ongles

  5. I’m a fan of layering too! You’ve done it very well and love those pale colours. xx


  6. lovely pale hues going on here! that pop of gold on your nails is immense!!

  7. nice blog! :)
    follow me if u like ^^

  8. gorgeous! you are soo stylish. i love the pant and the color is gorgeous which i have not seen before!

    i just came across your blog. i think its great. i hope you will come visit mine and maybe we can follow eachother!


  9. Adore this look lady!However your a braver girl than I sporting a head to toe light coloured suit!Love it!

  10. Love you outfit, all white… I like it, and your nails are awesom!

    My Fashion Bug

  11. Fabulous outfit!
    Love the ann demeulemeester and your shoes!


  12. I really enjoy those strapped wedges! Very minimalist chic!



  13. great outfit and great location for the pictures.

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  15. The nail varnish is quite amazing, OMG! I also adore your white shoes. pretty fantastic look pulled together. xo
    *Get in on the V+V Series

  16. you’re nails!!! what kind of nailpolish is it?? loveee

  17. Beautiful outfit, love love your nails <3

  18. You have an aaamzing style! :)
    Going to go thru all of your look! And you photos are brilliant! Glad i found your blog!

  19. you have such a lovely blog.
    follow me :) xoxo

  20. Your nails are amazing, they match the zipper of the AA clutch perfectly! Really beautiful. I really love the stone colors on you. I never found them particularly attractive until I saw them draped on you. I may have to give them a chance.

  21. OMG, that outfit is wow!!! and the nails *.*


  22. your nails!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥

  23. The details in the outfit are just phenomenal! You’ve got a great eye, style and you’re just captivating. And those golden nails… perfect!

    Kinda obsessed with you and your blog now. Definitely a new follower!


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