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My new hair regime starts today thanks to Bumble and bumble! I have to say I’m quite rubbish when it comes to my hair, I often use any product found lying around my room from a ye olde goody bag that I have no clue how to use. I personally feel that Bumble and bumble wear the crown when it comes to hair products, from watching hair stylists use it backstage at fashion week you can see the transformation happening right before your eyes. Hopefully these products will turn me into a professional too.

A big thank you to Eve for the goodies! 

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  1. I think you should cut your hair or something.


    1. How do you think I should cut it?

      I’ve been growing it long for so long now!

    2. What a nice comment…

  2. Hope it works!! Are you like me tired of people wearing nothing else than black? Or feel like you want inspiration to get away from the darkness in style, check this out! xx


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